" How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives."

—Annie Dillard

Men’s Issues for Men

Men are taught from a young age to disguise and deny their feelings beneath an even demeanor, to be the strong and rational problem solver who fix things and protect those they care about.

It is a model that has always had a huge downside, namely a shorter life span, physical illness, disconnection from those they care about and a life heavy with pain and rejection.

The focus of the individual work with men is to be able to identify, express and manage their emotions, with the goals of better health, more connection with others, and the strength and willingness to participate more fully in their lives.

Men’s Issues for Women

With men making up forty nine percent of the population, women are interacting with men in some way, shape or form everyday. When those interactions do not go well, women will often talk to the other women in their lives about it, be it a friend, sister, co-worker or perhaps even a woman therapist.

Those conversations between women about men can often feel supportive, provide a place to vent, and maybe even allow some contrast and comparisons about the men in your lives. But do those things lead to a deeper understanding of men?

The focus of the individual work with women is to provide a safe environment with clean boundaries to enable candid discussions with a man about men, with the goal being to help create a deeper understanding of and closer connection to the men they share their lives with.

Couples Issues

Often times relationships go down an unhealthy path not because of what people say to each other but because of what they don’t say. Individuals “lose” their voice in relationships, leading to a loss of connection with their partner and a slow unraveling of the relationship.

The focus of the work with couples is to help people understand what causes their loss of voice, and to explore new ways of communication between partners, allowing then to move towards each other in the relationship rather than away, resulting in a deeper sense of connection.

Family Issues

Families get into routine patterns of communication, often times failing to adjust those patterns when events or transitions happen, leading to a fracturing of the family system, lose of connection between family members, hurt feelings, resentment and pain.

The focus of family therapy is to explore and develop new patterns of communication, connect with each other as the family is now and not as it was in the past, and grow and evolve together in a deeper and more satisfying way.